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A kind of ginkgo leaf purified freeze-dried powder preparation technology (patent No.: 200710039262.9) Use the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology to replace the traditional alcohol extraction which can remove the harmful components ginkgo acid in the ginkgo leaf effectively: the lower temperature extraction ratio from 35℃ to 40℃ is easier to save the bioactive components in the ginkgo leaf than the high temperature extraction from 65℃ to 75℃to make the product have the stronger effect, and use the vacuum freeze drying technology of 40℃ to replace the traditional spray drying technology of 150℃ inlet temperature to make the loss of the bioactive contents be close to zero in the drying process; the product purity of the biological membrane method and chromatography separation and purification process has been improved greatly than the traditional products to make the content of the effective contents ginkgo flavone and lactone be more than 50%; further reduce the harmful contents to make the content of the harmful contents ginkgo acid be less than 5ppm.

Functional components The main contribution of this patent is to improve the effect and reduce the toxicity for the ginkgo leaf extraction to make the product have higher safety, stability and effect. In the ginkgo leaf purified freeze-dried powder purified by the patent technology, there are more than 20 kinds of flavonoids, and it also includes the terpenoids, phenols and a variety of trace elements, vitamins, amino acid, etc.; it has the effect of dissolution of cholesterol and vasodilation, and has the obvious effect for improving the brain dysfunction, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, headache, vertigo, tinnitus, senile dementia, memory loss and so on.

Society contribution In the Pharmacopoeia (the first section) of version 2000 of China, ginkgo leaf has been listed the legal drug. That is: the taste is sweet, bitter, astringent and mild, and it is belonged to the heart and lung section. The achievement of ginkgo leaf patent purification technology makes the ginkgo leaf be more widely applied to the life of the people. At present, the developed beverage, health foods (summit ginkgo capsule) by the ginkgo leaf extraction have been listed and received the good reputation of the market; however, the skin care, hair care and other hairdressing and beauty products prepared by the ginkgo leaf have reached more than 50 kinds.

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