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Shanghai Tongji Biological Product Co., Ltd has perfect R&D system, and gathered lots of high-tech R&D experts from the most well-known Universities such as Tongji University and Fudan University.

Now, the company has a huge amount of top R&D staff well known all over the world.

The company invests quite a lot of money every year for product development and technological innovation, in order to ensure that high-quality products would be constantly produced.

Over the past decades, the company independently researched and developed more than 100 kinds of healthy and nutritional food products, which covered various aspects such as weight loss, beautifying, breast curving, brain tonic, anti-aging, cancer prevention, vitamin supplements, sub-health condition improvement, etc.

In recent years, the company is committed to engage in the research and development of the stem cells, biological gene chip and other biological technologies and the construction of the core technical abilities. The expert consultant team includes many academicians and top international experts and carries out the research by the way of project cooperation with many units in the relevant fields. And the company has the high-tech biological products with the independent intellectual property to promote the development of the company in the high-tech field of the biological medicine and improve the core competitiveness.

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